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Dark Spot Corrector

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Dark Spot Corrector

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Brighten Up Your Complexion with Dark Spot Corrector

Some dark spots are stubborn. This formula targets unwanted discoloration to visibly brighten and balance your skin while visibly reducing hyperpigmentation. A unique applicator tip allows you to target specific areas with precision.


Key Benefits:

  • Intensive treatment for dark spots and hyperpigmentation
  • Visibly brightens and balances your skin tone
  • Powerful brightening ingredients formulated to correct skin discoloration.
  • Applicator tip designed for convenience
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Paraben-free, no harsh chemicals


Key Ingredients:

  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B Complex)
  • Aspergillus Ferment (Fermented Rice)
  • Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (Vitamin C)
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E)


How to Use:

After toning, apply to affected areas twice daily. Follow with Celavive serum or moisturizer. Continued use will result in a more balanced, even complexion.


Featured Science

Each Celavive Brightening product contains a unique blend of powerful brightening ingredients specifically formulated to visibly address the various stages of hyperpigmentation, resulting in an even, radiant complexion.

Ā You can apply this on-the-spot intensive solution with precision wherever you need it, using the targeted applicator tip. The Dark Spot Corrector is packed with niacinamide and two powerful ingredients that can help diminish the appearance, number, and intensity of dark spots, freckles, and other types of hyperpigmentation.

One of those ingredients is vitamin C, which is a well-known skin brightener. But not just any vitamin C will do. L-ascorbic acid, which is the chemically active form of vitamin C, can easily be degraded when exposed to air, light, or heat. This can make it almost useless when you apply it.

You need a stable vitamin C to ensure it works when applied to your skin. Dark Spot Corrector is made with a high concentration of the vitamin C form called ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate.

This premium skincare ingredient supplies stable, lipophilic (oil-soluble) vitamin C with superior absorption. It penetrates deep into the top layer of your skin to provide antioxidant activity as it works to fade the appearance of discoloration. One research trial showed that applying ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate to the skin for 56 days dramatically lightened the look of UV-induced pigmentation.

The complexion-refining benefits of vitamin C are enhanced by the addition ofĀ AspergillusĀ ferment.

Using fermented materials in skincare is a recent trend that began when anti-aging effects were seen on the hands of sake brewers in Japan. Fermented ingredients supply the beneficial compounds produced when bacteria break down natural products like soybeans, various plants, orā€”in the case of Dark Spot Correctorā€”rice.

The rice is fermented by bacteria fromĀ Aspergillus oryzae, which is known in Japan as a koji mold. Applying mold to your face may not sound appealing. And, in fact, you arenā€™t applying a mold.

TheĀ AspergillusĀ is rich in enzymes, organic acids, and bacteria that digest (or feed on) the cell walls of the rice to release the bioactive compounds. These compounds are what goes into your skincare. This makes theĀ AspergillusĀ ferment in Dark Spot Corrector a postbiotic. It supplies the beneficial substances produced by bacterial fermentation, without any live bacteria.

The compounds made byĀ Aspergillus-fermented rice bran are a source of many different types of natural acids, including kojic and citric acids. Targeted application of these acids can help promote dead skin-cell turnover for a refined, even skin tone and radiant appearance.

The exceptional effects ofĀ AspergillusĀ ferment can be visible in a short time. It has shown significant results in the look of translucence and brightness after only four weeks. This makes Dark Spot Corrector your go-to-solution for complexion perfection.

    Dark Spot Corrector



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